Tips For Creating Engaging Real Estate Video Tours

Written by
James Bolton
Published on
22 January 2021

The real estate industry has found a new way to serve interested buyers with the use of video tours.   It's a creative way to let buyers inspect a property in detail without leaving their homes. However, creating quality virtual tours that effectively communicate the property's features is crucial to success. Here are some tips to keep in mind for creating effective virtual real estate tours:

Be mindful of what the buyers want to see

  1. the primary purpose of a virtual tour is to let interested buyers inspect the property in detail. to create an engaging and informative tour, the agent needs to understand the buyers' perspective and identify what features they are looking for. highlighting the property's key features like appliances, spacious rooms, or unique architectural designs can make a difference.  focusing more of the video on where the homeowner spent their money is a great place to start.

Avoid the areas you don’t want buyers to see

  1. avoid showing irrelevant or unnecessary distractions that could potentially hurt your listing. for example, clutter hidden behind closed doors or dirt under the bed should not be exposed to the viewers. keep in mind that honesty is crucial, but some details do not need to be shown.

Preparing your listing for the shoot

  1. make sure that the property is clean and well-prepared before the shoot to present it in the best possible condition. a clean and presentable property can make a virtual tour more attractive and effective.  use our free home prep list that is sent out when you book through us to serve as a guide.  

Post-process the photos

  1. post-processing does not always mean tweaking or adding things that were not there in the first place. it's a process of enhancing the photos to make them look more attractive and presentable. this involves balancing out colours to look natural, and enhancing the lighting to give the home a light and airy feel.  the key is not to go overboard so the photos look unnatural or overprocessed.

in conclusion, a virtual tour can be an effective way to capture buyers' attention and showcase the property's features. to achieve this, the agent needs to find a professional photographer or videographer who can bring their vision to life. at ground2air media, we offer a wide range of real estate marketing services, including video tours, photography, drone photos & video, floor plans, and other add-ons

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