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The story of Ground2Air Media

Our story starts 8 years ago...


A Dream To Reality: Ground2Air Media is born

In 2015, the Bolton family embarked on a memorable voyage to Prince Edward Island. Our first ever DSLR camera (Canon Rebel Ti) was purchased to preserve the precious memories. A state-of-the-art drone, Blade 350QX was also purchased to indulge the fascination with aviation that James and his father, Byron shared. Unbeknownst to us, this marked the genesis of an enduring passion that would pave the way for Ground2Air Media.

In May of 2015, James embarked on his new endeavour by shooting his first house in Brantford. Looking back on it is nostalgic and a testament to how far we’ve come.

One Becomes Three

     As business started booming, James needed help. He collaborated with a fellow real estate photographer, Colin, to create the new Hamilton division of Ground2Air Media and invited Emma on to help edit photos. With the team growing, Ground2Air was able to reach new markets and started building a name for itself.

Full Time Gig

   The real estate marketing world was ready for something new, and G2A was ready to give it to them. The introduction of fast-paced video, snappy cuts, smooth shots, and drone footage was well received by clients, helping create the new standard in real estate listing videos. Ground2Air was gaining ground and business was picking up faster than a drone in a tornado.

The Kitchen Table Isn’t Cutting It

     As Ground2Air continued to soar, the team grew too big for James' kitchen table. It was time to find some proper office space! Early 2019 we moved into our first office space. It was small but it was home. It was also the year that Emma started the Social Media and Advertising division of G2A which took off immediately. It was so successful that in just a few short months Emma needed another person to help her and we added Megan to the team. James also needed help again as Emma was now unavailable to help edit photos and the demand for our services was still increasing. This is when we added Sean to the team as the second shooter in the Brantford area.

Where Do We Put Everyone?

   The pandemic hit and changed the game for real estate marketing as the demand for quality listing media skyrocketed due to in person restrictions. Ground2Air Media was in high demand as the real estate market got red hot. This was also the year of a couple bittersweet farewells. First we said our goodbyes to Colin who moved on to a new opportunity shooting content in Kitchener. We also bid farewell to Megan as she moved on to chase her dreams in the wedding industry as a photographer videographer. The final Pasta Friday goes down in history as a core memory for all involved. With no time for a break however, the team continued to grow with the additions of Owen and Stuart as our third and fourth real estate shooters. The team kept shooting and creating content like there was no tomorrow. And let's be real, with the way things were going at the time, tomorrow was never a guarantee.

Where’s That Drink?

     The real estate market was still on fire, and Ground2Air was busier than ever before. With more clients and more demand for both real estate listing media and social media marketing, the team needed more space and more people. Enter Julia, our saving grace during a time when Emma was overwhelmed in her thriving niche. Owen finished his degree and came on full time as a real estate shooter and Stuart quit his previous job to join us full time as well. It was a blur of a year, but we knew we had outgrown our Brantford office and needed to move on to bigger and better things.

The Year of the Sunroom

    Early January we packed up our things in our old office and our team of seven began its search for a new office space that would not only accommodate all of us but also provide a studio for our photography and videography needs.

     While we scoured the city for a suitable location, we found ourselves in a tight spot (literally) as we squeezed ourselves and our equipment into James' 200 square foot sunroom (spoiler alert) for 8 months. It was a memorable experience, but not a sustainable solution.

     It became seriously crowded at James’ with the addition of our 5th real estate shooter, Pat, helping us maintain the demand for our services through the hottest real estate market in recent history. There were now more team members than desks with no real prospects of a usable office space on the horizon. 

     Just when we thought all hope was lost, the perfect space became available in St. George. James quickly secured the lease without anyone knowing (how he kept that secret, we will never know!). The surprise on everyone’s face when he told us goes down as another core memory for G2A. We immediately got to work transforming the space into our dream office and studio. It took months of construction, set building, and interior design mood boards, but the end result was better than we ever imagined!

     Our new space not only provided us with a private office and studio but also an opportunity to share it with other creatives in the area. And so, Sunroom Studios was born, opening its doors in November and welcoming anyone looking to rent studio space for photo shoots, video shoots, and even events!

The Here and Now

Our full time team of 7 has been in a never ending loop of refining skills and creating new content. Emma and Owen have carved out a new niche in brand building that has seen Owen pivot from being a real estate shooter to a full time headshot and lifestyle photographer as well as creative director. Emma has pivoted as well to focus more on brand building as our new director of branding. Julia has taken on new roles to help with the monthly social media management and admin in addition to her helping hand in the Sunroom Studios pages.

You've heard our story, it's now time for the world to hear yours.

See How Our Team Can Help You!
See How Our Team Can Help You!