Welcome, Sean! And, BIG Announcement!

August 13, 2019

Hello again, it's the G2A team coming at you with some news that we've been keeping under wraps for a while...



Introducing Sean!

In the past month we welcomed Content Creator & Editor, Sean Campbell to join us full-time! Having Sean become part of the G2A fam couldn't have been a better fit. This guy knows what's up when it comes to creating unique and polished photo and video. He brings great energy and insight to all our projects and he's already produced some epic things. We're excited for all the opportunities ahead for Sean!


Out Growing...

So that makes us a team of 5 now. Wow! Considering our expansion and working on bigger projects that require team collaboration it only made sense to properly establish HQ. Some of our clients may have already known this and some may have guessed but we are MOVING! Setting up our space in the last few weeks has meant many trips to Ikea (which were productive and enjoyed immensely- I mean can you really pass up a 75 cent veggie dog and cinnamon bun? Ummm no! ) and boxes upon boxes of Amazon deliveries.  

 Ps this is not our studio, you'll have to wait for the reveal ;)


Having a studio of our own means a lot of things for us: creative space, innovation, collaboration, and synergy. It's the opportunity to experiment and learn from one another to be able to create content that's better than what we've ever created and to tap into the visionary realm that's only accessed when you have minds working together. For us this is a big deal. It's a reminder of have far we've come and where we're going. 


Along with establishing HQ has also meant we have a hub where each of our team mates (and clients, as well) feel welcomed to not only work but also pursue our collective passion projects. Our white board in our new studio is already filled with ideas for upcoming endeavors and we can't wait to dive in. Having this hub where we can gather has also been key to building us up from within. Business tip: if you want to promote team bonding, having a central location is pivotal. How can you expect the best from your team if you're not nurturing an environment where everyone can thrive? For us, this meant breaking the ice. Creativity requires some level of vulnerability. And as we take on projects where several of us are collaborating and sharing ideas, we knew we had to be on a level of comfort with one another that would allow for that creative vulnerability. So as much as this studio space is allowing us the physical ability to do our work and collaborate in one office, it's also allowing us the opportunity to better our team dynamics to ultimately deliver the best product we possibly can. 


What's In It For You?


You might just be wondering, how will this benefit me? Well now that we are able to have our lighting and backdrop set-up permanently with props easily accessible we are better able to accommodate your business marketing needs from  promotional videos and business commercials to testimonials and beyond. Whatever your vision is we are looking forward to bringing it to the screen! Stay tuned for the new content that will be going up on the G2A socials in the coming months, you might just find a style of content that you want to bring to your own brand.



So much growth and expansion has happened in the last six months that it's sometimes hard to believe that this where we are. And we wanted to recognize and thank YOU for your support and loyalty to us over the past four years. Without becoming sappy or cheesy, it is important to us that we acknowledge our clients for their dedication not only to us but also their dedication to their brands and businesses for jumping into the world of online marketing. Cheers to you! Now let's make some media magic!



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