Average VS Professional Real Estate Photography

April 21, 2016

It's not easy explaining in words to someone why professionally shot architectural photography is visually more pleasing and attractive than an average photo.  For real estate, I see many MLS listings with photos that are clearly taken by the realtor themselves using a cellphone camera.  Although the pictures demonstrate how each room is connected, they often don't hold true to what the actual room looks like in person.  Brightness, vibrancy and perspective are all withheld in most if not all real estate photos taken by the house owner or realtor.  Ill first be showing a comparison between what a realtor photo looks like and what I am able to achieve with techniques and editing. 


Here is the average real estate selling photo taken with an iPhone (Non-Professional)



First, the walls in the photo are not straight and appear to be leaning.  All objects that are vertical in person MUST remain vertical in the photo, after all you're house isn't falling over.  Second, the perspective is far to high (eye level) which makes the table and chairs appear to be  miniature. Third, the iPhone camera along with all other cellphone cameras are not wide angle lenses which make the room feel crowded, small and does not allow the entirety of the room to be shown.  Finally, the image has several problems spots which include shadows and dark areas (around chairs, curtains, cabinet and room corners) that make the room feel gloomy as well as blown out highlights (window and table reflection) that become distracting and prevents the viewer from seeing the outside view.  



Here is my phone taken with proper equipment and editing (Professional)


 The image is now more balanced with the window and centre chairs located in the middle of the frame.  Walls and vertical objects now appear vertical in the photo and the height perspective does not make the chairs and tables appear small and disproportional.  Additionally, the wide angle lens allows us to see the entire room which provides that light and airy feel that you would expect upon entering this dining room.  Lastly, the detail in the shadows and dark spots around the chairs, room corners and cabinet are now visible while the bright window contains some detail and no longer distracts the viewer.  


A few additional real estate photos taken by a few of my clients before they used my services have been added to further demonstrate my point.  I have also included a few of my own photos that further demonstrate the same transferable techniques I used for the dining room shot.  



Top 3 Photos:  Average real estate photos from past clients 

Bottom 3:  My work 




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