Your Guide To Marketing A Home In 2022

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The housing market is projected to grow in 2022, with many of the trends similar to the past two years: elevated prices, low inventory, and fast turnaround. It will continue to be a seller’s market as home values are expected to increase. Keeping that in mind, as a would-be home seller, this might be the best time to list your home for sale.

The initial challenging task is trying to get a foothold in the market. With that said, you’ve got plenty of work ahead of you. However, you don’t need to go at it alone; the experts at Ground2Air Media know a thing or two about how you can market your home easily and quickly. Read on to find out more.

Where should you advertise?

The best answer to this question is “everywhere.” Statistically speaking, more eyes on the property result in more showings, and more showings result in more offers. Places you SHOULD be advertising. MLS system (obviously), Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji. Additionally, newsletters and the local paper are known to create more awareness around the property.

What formats and pieces of content should I be using?

The first is that the property REQUIRES photos. Recent statistics show that 98% of people see the house online before seeing it in person. There’s overwhelming and undeniable evidence that professionally shot house photos will garner more leads on the property. The next is a video tour. Video tours work extremely well for social media platforms as well as the MLS. The added bonus is that a video tour will significantly improve your marketing as a realtor. Next, drones, floor plans, and even twilight photography add that extra touch to give viewers a better understanding of the layout of the interior as well as the property. Finally, print material such as feature sheets can do wonders for handouts in the neighborhood or when people come to see the property in person.

How can I get more engagement on socials?

Running ads is the solution to drumming up a greater amount of views and engagement on socials. An Ad on Instagram and Facebook works by paying these platforms to put it on the feeds of those who may be interested in buying a home. A professional Social Media manager such as Emma on our team knows how to specifically target those currently in the market based on their interests, behaviors, and likes. A reasonable ad amount you should be spending for each of your listings should be between the $100 and $500 range.

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