Top Five Things To Look For In A Photographer/Videographer

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Over the last two years, with a majority of people staying indoors, online content was getting a lot more popular, and companies and individuals were working on getting their content up visible. Companies were getting their staff to work remotely with the new mandates, and with fewer people leaving their homes, marketing, for the most part, was done online, with the internet seeing a spike in the number of people using it.

As a company, we are content creators, and we assist others in creating content for various purposes. Through the pandemic, it was challenging to get much done because people were not meeting in person; and most of the work that we were doing, for the most part, had to be coordinated in person. While we could edit and submit the files and other information remotely, we could not get the pictures and other shots remotely and had to visit the sites to get that done.

Many people were asking us for tips on finding someone to assist with gathering the right team to create their content and if they would be suited to get the best shots. Here are some of the pointers that we put together to get through the process and find the best team that you could work with when it comes to providing the best footage for the work that you are doing.

1. Past work is key
When researching a company to hire to shoot your upcoming listing, it’s important to check their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) and, of course, their website to determine the quality of their work and the number of houses they shoot every week. You should also ask questions about their long-term plans to get you a good following and the steps that you would be collectively working on. You should also check out the other client's profiles to see if they managed to make a difference there and increase their following. Talk to them about the changes they saw on their profiles and their experience working with the content creation team and decide when you are getting through the process.

2. Quality equipment
It’s often not easy to see the exact gear that a videographer/photographer is using, but there are telltale signs in the quality of their work. The videos look for things like shaky camera movements, low quality, and blurry shots, as well as shots that may look fish-eyed or conversely too tight (this is a sign of poor quality lenses). You want to be receiving high-quality content and images when you are posting them on your website. While stock images might assist to some extent, you want to make sure that you have unique content, and that should mean that you are getting the shots custom taken which should make the process that much easier. If they are using good equipment, you would also find the amount you are paying to get through the process is well spent.

3. Turnaround time
Find a company that promises a turnaround time that works for you. Some companies may be up to 48 hours, while others are within 24 hours. Having a guarantee can help coordinate when your listing goes live and can make the sellers feel at ease knowing things will be up when scheduled. Not everyone has all the time in the world, and there are some instances where you would have to get through the process as quickly as possible. You want to have a conversation with the team that is working on the project so you would be in a better position to understand their timelines and see if they make sense to you. You should talk to other clients in the past and double-check if the company maintains the timelines that they promised that they would.

4. Order of photos
This seems small, but we’ve had so many compliments and “Thank you’s” over the years by having our photos in an order that makes sense. The order should be as if you were viewing the house. We like to do Front Exterior > Main Level > Upper Floor > Basement > Backyard exterior. Having a Dropbox folder with out-of-order photos can make things a real pain when uploading to MLS and social media platforms.

5. Quality over quantity
Far too often, we see companies that deliver 50+ photos for a single house. It's important to recognize that the studies have revealed the importance of using only 20-24 photos for a listing. This is the optimal number of photos for any listing (regardless of how big the house is) that results in the most leads on the property. We generally try to deliver 30-40 to our clients in hopes they will narrow it down. When a photographer delivers more than 50 (and sometimes up to 90) for every house they shoot it means they are less focused on the quality of each image and more focused on the quantity aspect.

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