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Nowadays, there are tons of property listing websites where individuals and realtors can put their homes up for sale or rent. But, as the availability of properties increases, sellers and realtors need to make sure that their properties stand out from the rest. One of the best ways to do this online is through engaging visuals. Professional images are an essential part of property listings, but they aren’t really engaging. To wow potential buyers and give them a life-like experience while checking your listings, you need to opt for real estate video tours.

Over the years, many realtor businesses have turned to video tours to market their properties. It is an increasingly popular tool as it allows potential buyers and tenants to take a walk through properties as if they are physically there. You can show them every room and walk them through the house, giving you the opportunity to generate interest in the home, apartment, or commercial property you have for sale. It helps you build your brand as a realtor while simultaneously increasing traffic to a property.

You can also upload the tour on your business website, share it across your social media platforms, and send them directly to potential buyers. To acquire real estate video tours, you’ll first need to reach out to an expert in the field. We at Ground2Air Media specialize in real estate photography and videos and can offer you amazing content to captivate your audience.

Once we’re done filming, we will send you a dropbox folder with the video tour. Download everything from the dropbox folder onto your computer and upload the video to YouTube. Next, both branded and unbranded YouTube links for the property video should go into Matrix in the designed spots.

For your Facebook and Instagram pages, upload the actual MP4 file that was downloaded from the Dropbox folder. The actual video should be uploaded to these platforms. Never post a link on these platforms from YouTube, as it ruins the experience when the client is redirected to another application.

Besides this, we recommend that you reuse the content we provide as much as possible. We often see our photos and videos used only when a house goes up for sale. However, the content we make can be used for so much more. You can take this content to your next listing appointment to help secure future business with property sellers. Potential clients will instantly be impressed when you show them professional photography and videography that was done for your previous listings.

If you are looking for photographers and videographers in Brantford, ON, for your real estate marketing needs, reach out to us at Ground2Air Media. You can learn all about our real estate video tours on our Facebook ( or our website. You can also get in touch with us directly by calling us on 519 757-5073 or emailing us at info@ground2airmedia.comGround2Air Media also works as a digital marketing agency that specializes in real estate video tours, real estate photography, and social media management. Our mission is to deliver modern, professional content that will connect you to your audience and enhance your online engagement. Every business needs an online presence to be successful. At Ground2Air Media, we create that presence! To learn more about our services, please click here. If you have questions about real estate video tours, contact us here.