How To Market An Apartment Lease On A Budget

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Finding the right way to market your apartment can save you a substantial amount of money on brokerage charges and other promotional costs. By taking advantage of information technology advancements and the internet, we can now do just that. With a few photographs that show your apartment in the right light, placed strategically on social media platforms, you can expand your marketing reach, educating the public about your offering at a fraction of the cost charged by your local real estate agent.

At Ground2Air Media, we offer a variety of promotional content for real estate, from photographs to video tours. However, as you are trying to market your property on a budget, we suggest you hire us to shoot still photos that still attract attention.

Our real estate photography services are available at $100 to $300 and guarantee greater exposure and a better understanding of the leased property or apartment's finishes and layout in question. If you want to keep your expenditure on the lower side, we suggest you keep reading as we have more tips and tricks to help you market your apartment lease on a budget.

Hire us to shoot professional-grade photographs of the property
While you can obviously take photos on your smartphone and use photoshop or similar applications to add filters and edit them, nothing beats images taken by a professional photographer.

To show your apartment in a way that attracts the right kind of attention, we plan, organize and shoot photographs using the best lighting and the latest in camera and editing software.

Upload photos with a thoughtful post to Facebook and Facebook Marketplace
Facebook is a handy platform to promote and market your apartment. Think about it! Everyone you know (and they know) is on Facebook, and hence the reach offered by the platform is limitless. Even better, Facebook advertisements tend to be an affordable option when compared to traditional real estate advertising. Similarly, Facebook Marketplace offers an even higher reach with a personalized customer experience. And, if your offering's images are attractive, you're bound to receive the engagement you desire.

Boost the post
A trick most people do not know or use is boosting their posts on Facebook and Facebook Marketplace. You can reach more of the right people by boosting a Facebook post as it expands your audience beyond people who already like your page. The cost to upgrade your post in most cases is negligible compared to the prospective attention they can garner.

Send the pictures to potential tenants
Finally, once you have heard from the interested parties, it is essential to reply promptly with some additional photos or video footage to keep the anticipation at the maximum. Offering professional photographs can also help prevent unnecessary showings and go a long way towards giving likely buyers a clear image before seeing the property in person.

Bottom Line
While you can afford to spend a bit less and cut corners with Facebook or Instagram advertisements, the many benefits of professional photography for real estate cannot be understated. As a result, we suggest that you set aside a significant portion of your budget for this purpose. The effect of professionally taken real estate images on potential buyers is unbeatable and should not be overlooked.

For more tips on how to avail of the best real estate marketing solutions for your apartment or property on a budget, reach out to Ground2Air Media. Our mission is to deliver modern, professional content that will connect you to your audience and enhance your online engagement. Our real estate photography and videography, social media management, and custom video production services are available to clients across Brantford, Hamilton, Cambridge, Kitchener, Woodstock, Simcoe, Burlington, and the surrounding areas.

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