Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Listing Photos

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When marketing a property, your listing photos are the first thing buyers will look at before choosing to see it in person. This means they need to be engaging, not from your perspective but from the buyer’s. Your images will also need to showcase the features of the property in an appealing and attractive way.

Usually, DIY photos do not meet the requirement and often result in little or no response from buyers. Taking engaging photos requires professional skill and, in some cases, even licensing. To show you exactly what we mean, Ground2Air Media has listed two reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your listing photos.

1. You may struggle to get good quality pictures
As a non-professional, you may resort to taking photos of a house you’re selling on your mobile, which can look unprofessional and of poor quality. You could also choose to spend a minimum of $1000 for an entry-level mirrorless or DSLR camera plus a wide-angle lens and still be required to put countless hours learning the shooting and editing process. Despite these efforts, you won’t necessarily be able to capture the true essence of the house and the key selling points of the place. This can result in no takers or very low bids.

2. You may not have the necessary licensing
While you do not need a license to be a property photographer, when you choose to conduct drone photography, you must acquire a license from Transport Canada. Liability insurance is also important but not necessarily required.

Do things right - Hire a professional!
When you try to DIY real estate photography, it isn’t really a matter of what “could” go wrong but rather what “will” go wrong. Unless you have an extensive background or a past career in photography, the photos will not be up to par. That being said, the implications of DIY listing photos can include a loss of clients due to a lack of leads and proper marketing.

For stunning pictures of real estate, you need to complete:

1000+ Editing hours

1000+ Shooting hours

You must also have drone flight experience and proficiency in more than four programs. Real estate photographers like Ground2Air Media have vast experience and training in real estate photography, video tours, custom video production, and even social media management. This means we can significantly help you up the quality of your marketing material (in this case, listing photos) to help generate leads and impress your clients. 

Our service charges generally range from $125 to $1000 depending on the requirement. But, we do our best to stay within your budget and also deliver outstanding quality. To learn more about us and how we can help you with your property listing photos, reach out to us at Ground2Air Media.

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