Busted! Don’t Believe These Real Estate Photography Myths!

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Real estate photography is all about selling real estate by combining art and business. A professional real estate photographer will understand how crucial these factors are and capture your property’s aesthetic vision accurately at every angle. However, like most people, you may think real estate photography is easy and undoubtedly creating false perceptions about the profession. Believing in such false facts will only lead you to hire amateurish photographers who will provide you with sub-par images of your home. To help you steer clear of these misconceptions and distinguish between professionally created real estate photography from amateur jobs, Ground2Air Media has debunked three of the most widely believed myths about real estate photography.

Myth 1: The Camera does all the work, and the person behind it just presses a button
We’ve stumbled across this one a few times, and we are fully willing to hand in the camera and lenses (worth over $10,000) while we take an entry-level DSLR ($300) to see who produces a better result when shooting a room. No one has taken the bet as of yet! Generally, we tell someone who thinks this that we have rigorous processes to produce the best quality work. These processes have taken years to develop and are continually improving. In our opinion, photography is 95% of the shooter and 5% of the camera.

Myth 2: You can fly a drone wherever and whenever
Although this would be nice, it simply isn’t true. Transport Canada has put laws in place to ensure the safety of the public. This is why a pilot certificate is required to operate a drone. Even with a pilot certificate, we still have restrictions on how high we can fly and how far from airports or crowds of people we must be.

Myth 3: A slideshow and a video tour are the same
Slideshows are a series of still images that are played with music. They do not have dynamic movement, and they are unable to show the flow of rooms. Video tours have real dynamic movement and allow the viewer to see the flow of the interior. They are also much more engaging and get way more viewers and view time than a slideshow.

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