Common Mistakes People Make When Marketing Properties On Social Media

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Are you looking to boost your property listings on social media, but can’t seem to catch a break? While posting real estate videos and images on social media is a great way to attract buyers and build your brand, how you post this content will determine your success. Posting correctly and consistently, will dramatically increase your online audience and, in turn, boost your client base. Unfortunately, as many realtors are unaware of the ideal ways to use different social media platforms for marketing, they end up making grave mistakes that barely elevate their chances of a sale.

To help you avoid making significant errors when using social media to market real estate, Ground2Air Media has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when marketing property on social media.

1. Posting a YouTube link on Facebook
Like most Facebook users, you may not be aware that the social media platform does not favor external links such as YouTube. When uploading a home listing video, make sure to add the mp4 file to Facebook’s dropbox. This will allow your targeted audience to easily view your property video in their feed, which in turn can produce greater engagement, higher quality, and more eyes on the content. It will even grant you the ability to boost the post to reach a targeted audience or increase its reach.

2. Not using our content for your next listing presentation
As real estate photography and videography experts, we offer you engaging and personalized home listing content that enhances the appeal of your properties. When you use this content in your listing presentations, you will give your potential clients a clear idea of your professionalism.

3. Thinking that content isn’t relevant after the sale of the home
All active real estate agents must showcase successful home sales to potential clients to ensure they understand your level of success. To do this, you need to continue using the photos and videos we’ve provided to market your brand. Visuals of past sales show future clients that you are a relevant agent who does get listings and makes clients happy.

4. Not running a Facebook or Instagram advertising campaign
Great looking property photos and video is only half the battle when it comes to attracting potential clients. The next step is to reach out to your target audience. This can be done by running advertisements on social media to increase the chances of hitting a much broader and relevant audience. With our professional social media managers, we can help you specifically target those clients who are looking for a new home.

To avoid other mistakes like these, reach out to the experts at Ground2Air Media when it comes to real estate marketing. We are a photography and video production company from Brantford, ON, with a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals. We provide creative and custom content to clients that want to showcase their product and services. Our main areas of specialization include real estate photography, video tours, business promotional media, and social media management.

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