A Complete Checklist To Prepare Your House For Listing Photos or Videos

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Did you know that listing your house with professional photographs can help it stand out to prospective buyers and sell much faster on the market? However, to capture visually appealing images that highlight the value of your property, it’s essential to clean and organize your home appropriately. Proper arrangements will allow your photographer and videographer to take beautiful shots that enable potential clients to envision themselves, enjoying the luxuries of your property.

Unfortunately, if you lack the concept of how to arrange or highlight your home’s assets in an attractive manner, you may struggle to stage your house appropriately before the camera crew arrives. At Ground2Air Media, we understand that a property photoshoot can be a stressful and laborious task, especially if you aren’t aware of the best practices. To help you prepare with as little stress as possible, we’ve created a handy checklist to prepare your house for listing photos and videos.

1. Check the lighting inside
To ensure your property is well-illuminated for pictures, you must check whether all the light fixtures (including lamps) have working bulbs and are turned on before the photographer and videographer arrive. This will ensure that all the beautiful features of your home are visible and the shoot is completed quickly.

2. Open the blinds
Natural light is the best source of light to make photos of your home look more realistic. Keep blinds three-fourth of the way up to allow just enough of natural light inside to highlight the details of your interiors and capture stunning photos.

3. Remove your cars from the driveway
Buyers will be interested in viewing not only the interior but also the exterior of your home for a complete picture. To prevent the driveway from looking cramped, it’s best to park your vehicles in the garage or in the street. Similarly, try to remove all other obstructions in the driveway that could hamper a perfect image.

4. Put away toiletries
While setting up the shoot for your bathroom area, make sure that you remove your shampoos, conditioners, and body wash from the shower area. Not paying attention to these minute details will be a turn off to potential buyers.

5. Hide the trash cans
A visible trash can in the listing photographs will be an eyesore to any client viewing your property images. It will give out a sense that you’re trying to cover something or you’re not very serious about listing your house.

6. Prep your bathroom thoroughly
Potential buyers will appreciate a well-organized bathroom. So, it’s advisable to check on the tubs, showers, and especially the toilet seat. All toilet seats should be down, and the lid closed while prepping up for the shoot.

7. Keep the kitchen clean
As the kitchen is the heart of a home, most buyers would consider viewing the kitchen area more minutely. To avoid being seen as a neglectful owner, ensure that you clean the kitchen sink and put away all the dishes to emphasize the features of your kitchen area.

8. Open umbrellas
If your home has a patio or a well managed outdoor space, this can be a highlighted feature to elevate your home’s listing. Spruce up the amenities and open up the garden umbrellas, to create an inviting image where buyers can imagine them and their families.

9. Do-up the outdoor area
Besides putting up garden umbrellas, try to place fancy cushions on any outdoor furniture. It will create a complete and cozy feeling in the seating areas here.

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