Bell City Associates, a group of local business professionals, who build business relationships through meaningful connections and partnership. We use our platform to meet other business people, share marketing ideas, and learn one another’s services to the extent that we can make warm referrals. But for us it really is more than just referrals, it’s about building connections with one another and our community. We wanted to create a comfortable space to collaborate. And, that’s exactly what we did. Our group is welcoming, committed to one another, and a place to share laughs.A big part of our mission, which is also what sets our networking group a part from others, is to inspire philanthropy in our community. Each quarter we collaborate on a charity project, offering monetary and/or physical contributions. For 2019 we are Help Sponsors for Nova Vita, which supports their three of their major annual events: International Women’s Day (March 6th), Heels to Heal Walk (June 9th), and the Charity Golf Tournament (August 20th). Being able to connect with our community and even participate in these events is incredibly important to who we are.

For more details on who we are and what we do, please visit us at https://bellcityassociates.ca/